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7 Benefits of Getting a Pre-Inspection Before Listing Your Home In Maryland

Selling your Gaithersburg, Maryland, home is an exciting and confusing time. With so much conflicting information available, it can be difficult to decide what steps you should take before putting your home on the market. After all, you want to sell quickly and avoid losing money on the sale, but taking certain steps can make your home more appealing to buyers. A house pre-inspection is one way to get your home ready for the selling process. While it means you’ll have to spend a little extra money and time before you’re ready to sell, there are many benefits to a pre-inspection.

What Is a House Pre-Inspection?

A pre-listing inspection for your home is the same as any other inspection. It includes a full inspection of the structural components, foundation, roof, plumbing, HVAC system, electric system, and basement. The term pre-inspection simply means that the seller is taking the responsibility of having the home inspected before the sale to ensure the home is in top shape. It’s true that potential buyers usually shoulder the burden of a home inspection before closing. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t consider a pre-inspection.

7 Benefits of Getting a Pre-Inspection for Your Maryland Home

As a seller, a house pre-inspection can give you considerable knowledge and insight. It puts you in a better position to sell your home. It can also allow you to make your home more attractive to buyers before you even attempt to sell it. Consider these benefits of a house pre-inspection before putting your home on the market.

1. Avoid Surprises

Your home may look attractive on the surface, but there could be hidden problems. Unfortunately, it’s common for home sellers to be surprised by the results of a home inspection. While you can offer to negotiate on the selling price, the buyer may demand you take care of the repairs or even back out of the sale without giving you a chance. Sales can fall through for several reasons. But serious defects uncovered during a home inspection can give potential buyers a reason to walk away.

2. Build Trust With Buyers

A home purchase is one of the most expensive purchases individuals make in their lifetime. A house pre-inspection can help potential buyers avoid some of the stress that goes along with the process. Many home buyers have no experience with the process and little trust in sellers or their real estate agents. A pre-inspection from a reputable local company can help build trust. It can make potential buyers feel more secure when working with you and your agent.

3. Get Ahead of the Competition

Quiet family neighborhoods and local tech jobs could attract many buyers to your Gaithersburg, Maryland, home. But yours isn’t the only house on the market. Many sellers are taking advantage of low interest rates and the town’s current growth to move to a larger home or simply get a good selling price.

It’s common for sellers to skip a pre-inspection before listing a home. So if you’re the only seller with a pre-inspection, you’re one step ahead of the competition. First-time homebuyers feeling insecure about the process or those who need a home right away might choose a home with a pre-inspection because of the convenience and added trust it provides.

4. You Can Make Repairs

You may be thinking about avoiding the cost of the inspection and potential repairs altogether. But the potential rewards during the sale could actually save you money. Home inspections usually cost between $300 and $450, which is a fraction of the potential sales price of your home. It’s common for a potential buyer to ask for repairs to complete the sale after a poor inspection report. If you take care of the repairs before putting your home on the market, you have the advantage of choosing the contractors that will take care of the repairs. You’ll also have the receipts to prove your asking price is accurate.

5. Speed Up the Sales Process

If you have a pre-inspection completed by a reputable inspector, the buyer may decide to skip an additional inspection. The home sale process is a lengthy one for you, but it may feel even longer for the buyer. Often, a home buyer has already sold their current home or needs to be in the area immediately for a job opportunity. If your pre-inspection showed no major defects, the buyer may decide to skip another inspection to save time and money. This ultimately gets you both one step closer to closing day.

A pre-inspection can even help you avoid negotiations and save time when a cautious buyer proceeds with an additional inspection.

6. You Can Compare Inspection Results

If the buyer decides to have your home inspected and the new inspection reveals new defects, you’ll have the opportunity to compare the results of both inspections. If the buyer’s inspection comes back with additional defects, you can even invite your inspector to return and review the inspection. This will allow you to determine if the buyer’s inspector inflated the cost of potential damage. Even if the defects were overlooked by your inspector, you can prove your honesty to the buyer and negotiate the price.

7. Have Accurate Pricing

Whether you decide to complete necessary repairs to your home or sell it as-is, an inspection can help you determine how much your home is really worth before putting it on the market. If you choose to forego repairs, you can factor the costs of potential repairs into your asking price to attract buyers with a smaller budget. Conversely, if you make the repairs ahead of time, you can prove the value of your asking price with receipts and save time by avoiding negotiations before closing.

Preparing to sell your Gaithersburg, Maryland, home can be a stressful situation. There are many steps to take, and it can be difficult to make all the right decisions. If you’re unsure about the pre-inspection process or where to begin, an experienced real estate agent can help. Your local real estate agent has in-depth knowledge about home prices in the area and the process of getting a home pre-inspection.

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