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Find the Perfect Maryland Real Estate Agent for Your Out-of-State Home Sale

When you think of a home sale, you probably think about a seller who’s living in the home at the time of the sale, someone who is moving from the home once the sale closes. However, there are many home sales that occur from a distance — even from another state. This can occur when

  • Heirs are selling an inherited home in order to settle the estate of a loved one
  • Owners are selling an investment property that they’re holding in another state
  • Financially distressed homeowners are selling a property that they are no longer occupying and that they can no longer afford
  • Homeowners who’ve had to relocate for a new job are having to handle the sale from their new home state

For any of these situations, some homeowners may choose to turn to one of those “We Buy Homes” types of companies — you know, the ones that put up signs along the roadside. However, those investor companies are focused on getting the home for the least possible amount of money on terms that are best for their interests — not the homeowners’.

As an experienced, well-qualified, Maryland real estate agent, I can help you navigate the complexities of selling a home in the area, even if you’re a homeowner who lives in another state. What’s more, unlike a sale to a real estate investor, I’ll be looking out for you and helping you get geared up for a profitable and timely sale on the open market.

The importance of local knowledge

A boots-on-the-ground local real estate agent offers many advantages for the property owner who’s looking to sell a home from another state. That’s because real estate is hyperlocal, and it takes a local agent to properly price and market a property. 

Because I have in-depth knowledge of the area’s neighborhoods and an understanding of local market trends, the service I provide offers a distinct advantage for the out-of-state seller. I have a better sense of what buyers in this market are looking for and how to ensure the listing meets those expectations.

Getting a house buyer-ready from a distance

If you’re an out-of-state seller, there are many logistics that can come into play when you’re preparing a property for sale. A long-distance property sale is not your typical transaction. Often, the house needs to be emptied, there may be deferred maintenance leading to unsafe conditions, or there may be HOA violations to address before the sale can close. 

I have all of the resources to handle any situation and a professional network to draw on for repairs, updates, clean-out and more. Rather than driving or flying back and forth to handle the arrangements yourself, leave it in my hands and let me take care of the details on your behalf.

One of the best ways to determine what it’s like to work with me and my crew is by looking at my reviews and testimonials. A detailed testimonial can give you peace of mind and the ability to find out how I work in a real-world situation. My reviews will tell you how communicative I am, how effective I am, and how well I’m able to live up to my clients’ expectations. 

The role of a Maryland real estate agent in the home selling process

Once you know what to expect in the agent-client relationship, we can set up a remote interview, offering you an opportunity to ask some questions you may have in mind about the process. When you’ve made your final decision, it’s time for me to move forward with the various aspects of pre-listing and pre-marketing activities. Here’s how I can help throughout the transaction:

Pricing the home correctly

You may think you know what a property is worth based on your knowledge of the real estate market in general or the anecdotal insights of friends and family. However, until I have looked at the comparable properties for sale and recently sold in a particular neighborhood, it’s very difficult to price a property accurately.

I will put together a comparative market analysis (CMA) to show how the property that’s for sale stacks up to the competition. In addition, I’ll walk through the home and determine what value-added improvements, if any, or necessary repairs should be undertaken in order to ensure the best possible sale price for the home.

Staging and preparing the home for showings

There’s no need for you to travel to Maryland to prepare the home for open houses or showings. Whether the home needs to be cleaned out and decluttered, repaired, or professionally staged, I’ll ensure that the property will be ready for prime time before it hits the market.

Once it’s been listed on the MLS, I will take care of scheduling showings for interested buyers and their agents. In addition, I may hold open houses to get the home in front of as many local buyers and real estate professionals as possible.

Handling negotiations and closing the sale

Once an interested buyer has made an offer, I will communicate with you and handle negotiations on your behalf. Once you’ve agreed on a price and terms, I’ll handle the logistics involved throughout the transaction, including working with the buyer’s agent to schedule home inspections, appraisals, and other aspects of the closing process.

If you are unable to come to town to close on the property, I can work with the closing attorney or title company to arrange a remote closing process. My experience and expertise will help to streamline the transaction so that it truly works for you and any other stakeholders, no matter where you’re located on closing day. 

Finding the right agent matters, whether you’re moving around the block or across the country. If you’re selling a home from another state, the choice means even more. Let me offer my award-winning service and years of experience and expertise to work for you and your Maryland home sale. Contact me today!

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